Author Topic: IGNORE LIST -- My Guide of how to put someone on your Ignore List  (Read 156 times)

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It's not so intuitive to add someone to your Ignore List. To add a Buddy...That's easy, there's a Link to do so on that person's Avatar.

Steps (and there are several) to put someone on your IGNORE list, meaning you won't see their posts, but have the option to manually look at their posts anytime, if you want to.

1. At the top of the page select "Profile"
2. Select "Summary"
3. IF "Modify Profile" appears on the left, select "Buddies/Ignore List" (Go to Step #5)
4. If "Modify Profile" *does not* appear, then at the right of the page, near the top is the "<<" icon. Press that "<<" icon, and "Modify Profile" will appear on the Left.
5. After Pressing "Buddies/Ignore List", select "Edit Ignore List"
6. Enter the Members Name in the "Add To Ignore List" box and press the "Add" button.