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Re: Real Estate Thread
« Reply #165 on: December 01, 2023, 09:43:59 AM »
Attached garages are not all that common in Northern Mich. Not sure why - they would be a good thing.  Maybe snowmobile fires?

No CostCo for sure. Shopko was the mainstay store along those lines up that way but they all closed. Walmart would be your oasis.

I agree that Metro Detroit and Grand Rapids mostly dictate the states politics but the U.P. has wanted to split off as its own state for along time now. Maybe they make it if Puerto Rico gets statehood. Keep an eye out.

Benefits from the Ojibiwa Reservation?

Only the Indians can make a go at commercial fishing.  Lake Superior Whitefish are wonderful eating:
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The Cinnamon Rolls at the Hilltop Restaurant in L'Anse are legendary.  Senda's wet dream:
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Casino if you want a gamble and they are about the nicest group of people as a whole that I've ever met anywhere.

Casino workers often have that energy. I still remember a November 2004 experience at Paris in Vegas.  I was at one recently where I was approached and chatted up.  She said, as she was leaving, "watch my ponytail as I go." I am sure she was bucking for a compliment (she wasn't in a tipping job).  She was incredibly helpful and DID get a compliment in my "tell us how we did" reply. 

PS  I have learned NOT to use players club cards.  I win MUCH more frequently without the players club.
Eh, nevermind...