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the nature of unembodied spirit


I was just thinking about the dominance of conceiving of unembodied spirits as disembodied, i.e. formerly embodied -- having previously been, or having inhabited, living beings.  A priori there doesn't seem to be any reason to think most spirits had biologic lives in the past.  But then, I don't know what resources are required for spirit.  My hunch has been that spirit requires less of the universe than matter does, and so that the carrying capacity of the universe for non-living spirits would be greater than that for living things.  But it might be the other way around, in which case there might be a limit imposed by the environment on how many living things could be conscious.

However, I now have a hypothesis about why such a large proportion of unembodied spirits would come to our attention as formerly living:  It's because, having experience at having been bodily, they have an easier time communicating with us or otherwise making their presence known than those who've never had experience being physical entities.


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