Author Topic: Can we get a smite / praise scoreboard?  (Read 4914 times)

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Re: Can we get a smite / praise scoreboard?
« Reply #30 on: August 11, 2018, 11:16:51 PM »
LOL. I really don't know whether it's her or not (and how do we know that tootsie is a her?). I just like saying "Tootsie Wootsy" I can't help myself.

OK. NOW. I quit. Starting...….   ..                            NOW!

And just like that the Quittening began.  Like a fucking zombie virus.  Who's next?


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Re: Can we get a smite / praise scoreboard?
« Reply #31 on: September 28, 2018, 12:31:21 AM »
I got my info from reading the 'George Noory Sucks!' thread from the beginning, like a book. I wasn't memorizing the dates of the posts but at one point GodlikeProductions or whatever it's called deleted their own George Noory Sucks thread. I think MV invited the GodlikeProductions Noory thread people over to the George Noory Sucks! thread on his forum. All the sudden a bunch of people were there, even built a virtual bonfire and regrouped and started bashing Noory, as you would. Yes, it was at this time they were talking about 'cash' like we do 'karma'.

So this went on for a short while but the problem was that the forum was heavily moderated by EllB, the lady he did the Trainwreck podcast with which you can find on That poor lady didn't know what she had gotten herself into and I think may have been the impetus as to MV's lightly moderated forum. If the posts weren't edited by the moderator they were deleted. So, of course all the new people freaked out and tried to quit and were extremely paranoid about MV having their info and sent MV all sorts of PM's. So MV shut down bellgab. Yes, it has happened before. Since I wasn't paying attention to the dates I don't know how long he shut down bellgab for. It was either something like three weeks or three months.... Either way, people came back really fast, like they did when Ellgab appeared. MV later said the site was a burden (not his words), or something like that. He had actually turned off his PM's for a long time, even I remember that, so you might too since you were there way before me. He said the reason he had his PM's turned off is because during that GodlikeProductions refugee infusion he was loath to even look at his PM's. This was way back when he was still being polite and not wishing some of his members to drive into a a bridge abutment.

Any of that ring any bells?
Would have been before my time.  I started regular listening in 2013.  GLP was no help at all when Bellgab was taken down July 4, 2018.


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Re: Can we get a smite / praise scoreboard?
« Reply #32 on: October 19, 2018, 10:40:20 AM »
I never did trust that Mr. McFeely.  He looks like a smiter in the neighborhood.

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Does he drive a white molester van?