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Re:Katzenjammer Typography & IBM Selectric II typewriter sightings
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Hell low, Halo, Bellz.

Is that you, Lou?
Long time no   cipher.

If it were discovered a  former member of the RH Society sent me that photo, I would be unable to identify her in a line up, but May Bee lying down and my agent would deny he had served as drunken carrier Pig Eon.

I previously learned about the muffled "undertaker business" typewriter from skimming Vol 2 of William Patterson's Heinlein biography.  Prior pigeon, I  had not seen such a clear picture of the sentinel ant head.

I was grateful to view the beast.

I've read a few of Heinlein's works.

 Something of his might make it onto my '21 list, or maybe both Patterson volumes will. What little I skimmed of Vol 2 was good. But my dance card  of death is rapidly filling to capacity.

 (I just realized I will die in '42. Thank you, ever hovering Premonition Bitch goddess. Now, how about those lotto numbers? Or whether or not I should invest in graphene?)

"Katzenjammer Typography."


Captain Karig would approve.

If Siamese cat's paws
Perch like a parrot
You might end up
Kissed by Judas Iscariot
Sorry am i for the interregnum.
Pesky 'Near Life'interlude had i.
Found i an weighty typewriter user:
Brad Bigelow
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