Author Topic: Coast to Coast AM with George Noory  (Read 222154 times)

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Re: Coast to Coast AM with George Noory
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Yesterday main Knapp guest was way over hear head (T.S Mart - Sky Monsters) She was giving the most generic and quick answers and didn't really know the details of her own book. Knapp even had to say "Well it's in your book" and she replied with she hasn't looked at her notes in a long time (BTW the book was released in May 2021)

Early in the interview you can hear the rare time Knapp seemed frustrated when she asked him "What he thought of it" when she didn't really know how to reply to his questions. I wonder if he gave her a talk to during the break as she got a little better in the second hour. The book was a mother/daughter project with the daughter doing illustrations, it seemed like she did the book mostly to promote her daughter art ability and just went though very lazy and Wikipedia style explanation or history of the monsters (Thunderbird, Mothman etc)