Author Topic: Petition: let anthony out of the playpen  (Read 810 times)

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Re: Petition Response
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Youtube, on his now deleted (to the public) videos, also said to people on Messenger, and also on live chats on the youtube videos.

Of course according to Anthony, the revised version of his timeline states that he took 2 days to get to the west coast didn’t stop apart from for gas and certainly didn’t spend his evenings in his tighty whiteys shouting about what sexual assaults he was going to do to different people and how and dancing.

If it's any comfort, many of us do NOT want him back here. Period. It's not good for him, and not good for any of us. He is a troubled person and should be left alone.
Well, I ordinarily wouldn't associate with someone who was conspiring.  However, this is just a forum.  Maybe some troubled people should be left alone.  But isolation won't help other types, who improve with the influence of good role models, humor and friends.  Unless someone is doxxed, he can't do any harm here.  And, doxxing is against the law, so...  This reminds me, if you click on an image someone posts and if they have a website of their own with that image on it, they can learn your IP I guess.  So, think twice before clicking on images if you'd like to keep you IP private.  Most IPs are not a physical address giveaway, but they are a form of privacy because someone could stalk you in other forums and find out your avatars.