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« on: June 12, 2020, 07:46:30 AM »
Last night it was said on The Midnight Society that emcee Spooky Tim was an enthusiast of Smallville.  So was I, but only for the first few seasons -- the ones Gough and Millar wrote.  I can't believe that show ran 10 years; I don't think I lasted thru the 4th season.

Seems I watched it for different reasons from most of the audience.  I was attracted to it because I'd enjoyed Gough and Millar's movie Shanghai Noon, and from the placards for Smallville's premier I could tell that it was going to be in the same style: dripping with irony.  I was not disappointed.  I'd be watching an episode the second or third time and bust out laughing when I got a jokey allusion.  Some of them were a lot more obvious, like you could tell from the pilot episode that the Michael Rosenberg character was Ted Kennedy.

For a long time I was disappointed by the lead actor in it, Tom Welling.  Then they did a mind exchange episode -- those are usually fun, because the cast get to switch roles -- wherein John Glover got to play Welling's part (Clark Kent) and Welling got to play Glover's (Lionel Luthor, bu really Joe Kennedy Sr. and Prometheus).  Welling did fine, Glover looked bad.  Only then did I realize it wasn't Welling's fault; nobody can play Clark Kent, it's just too hard a part.  But the other lead, Kristine Kreuk, was just plain bad; eye candy, I guess.