Should George Knapp be the full time host of C2Cam?

Yes but make the other George the weekend host
No but make Falkie and Heather Wade the full time hosts of C2Cam
Yes but have Miller be the weekend host for C2Cam

Author Topic: Coast to Coast am with George Knapp.  (Read 762 times)

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Re: Coast to Coast am with George Knapp.
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My gut tells me that Knapp will be leaving C2C soon for good.

Why not, the listeners have


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Re: Coast to Coast am with George Knapp.
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Heads up Knappyheads. The Knappster is on TONIGHT! And it sounds like a good one


Calvin Parker experienced a ‘close encounter' on the Pascagoula River in 1973. Parker, along with UFO researcher Paul Hynek, join George Knapp to discuss the 'puncture wound' document, possibly confirming Parker was 'injected' by the creatures that abducted him. Followed by Deep Prasad, physicist and CEO of ReativeQ, who'll share new research of the 'Tic-Tac' UFO incident.

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